Adobo Tea Eggs

Adobo Tea Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are convenient and healthy. But boiled eggs sound bland and boring. Good thing, we are not boring. That’s why we’re calling it a fancy name this time “Adobo Tea Eggs”. Tea eggs are Chinese in origin, basically hard boiled eggs, cracked and then boiled again in a mixture of tea, soy and aromatics. But Pinay that I am, I went ahead and tweaked the recipe by using an adobo stew instead of just soy sauce. if you have left over adobo sauce, that is even better than making a new batch. I added 4 teabags of mandarin orange green tea to add a subtle fragrant note to these wonderful hard boiled eggs.  Adobo tea eggs simply because we don’t do boring. 

Hard boiled eggs
Adobo Stew
4 Teabags (Flavor of your choice steeped in a cup of water according to package instructions)
(I would recommed something citrusy)

Crack boiled eggs but do not peel.
Boil Adobo stew and tea. Let it cool.
Marinate cracked boiled eggs in the stew with tea overnight.
Peel eggs and serve.

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