Local Fruits for Your Salad and Sawsawan

Local Fruits for Your Salad and Sawsawan

Part 2 of Cooking with Seasonal Produce. Filipino fruits are healthful snacks, but you can also enjoy them as complementary salads or sawsawan to your mains.

Cooking with seasonal produce is always thrilling for me; prices are more reasonable and the quality of the produce is at its peak. While it sounds fancy to cook with berries, peaches and other imported fruits but I truly think it’s not practical to cook with ingredients that are not readily available.  Incorporating local fruits in dishes that I cook appeals more to me.

It will always be local produce for me, it’s fresh, sustainable, affordable, supportive of Philippine farming and above all, I find satisfaction in celebrating our dishes with local produce.

Fruits are always thought of as healthful snacks. We enjoy them with bagoong, chili salt or vinegar. They’re colorful and are bursting in sweet and tangy flavors. They also make interesting ingredients to savory dishes like sinigang na santol, adobo sa mangga and bulanglang na baka, to name a few. Another enjoyable way we use our local fruits is in salads and sawsawan (dips).

Fruits pack a lot of flavor, bring crunch and texture to familiar salads and sawsawan. Serve them with your mains and let these salads and sawsawan do their work. The colors, flavors and textures make for a very inviting dinner table.

Here are 7 ways to serve fruits as part of your salad or sawsawan:

1. Avocado and Shrimp Ceviche

Avocado cubes and cooked peeled shrimp sprinkled with salt and pepper with a dash of fresh calamansi juice. This salad is high in healthy fat and perfect with baked tilapia. 

2. Guava and Longganisa Salad

Guava slices, longganisa, tomatoes and basil, this salad is bursting with flavors and is a good side dish to serve over brunch with a plate of tapsilog.

3. Pomelo and Dalandan with Bagoong

Peeled pomelo and dalandan mixed with chopped green chillies and bagoong, serve with chicken or pork barbeque. 

4. Pineapple Peanut Butter Salad

1 cup fresh pineapples cubed, slices of small red onion, 1 small tomato chopped, and chunky peanut butter and chilies. Mustard seeds are optional. This is a good side dish to pork adobo as it gives sweet, spicy and tangy complements to the semi sour and salty adobo.  Try it with lechon, too.

5.Pako Dalandan Salad

2 cups pako, 1 salted egg peeled and sliced, 1 dalandan peeled, red onion, and adobong mani for topping. Pako Salad given the makeover by adding dalandan and adobong mani. Serve with your favorite fried fish or meat. 

6. Binagoongang Kamias 

Bottled Sweet Bagoong sauteed in garlic and kamias slices plus a bit of cane vinegar makes this sawsawan a sure winner. Perfect for inihaw on your next boodle fight. 

7. Dalandan Lettuce Salad 

Chopped romaine lettuce, white onion slices, dalandan and maybe apples too. Top with parmesan or any cheese of your choice. Yogurt and mayonnaise for the dressing. Pair this salad with roasted chicken or bistek. 

Lots of dalandan were used on this list as I have been buying them often. Most of these dishes were done during its season, around July, August and September. Selling for only 40 pesos per kilo, it’s a good way to score some natural vitamin C that’s perfect for the rainy season.

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