Meanwhile in Malolos… Citang’s, The Ultimate Malolos Food Experience

Meanwhile in Malolos… Citang’s, The Ultimate Malolos Food Experience

There is a not so secret lugawan and kakanin heaven in Malolos City where locals go for the tastiest Maloleño delicacies. 

I say not so secret because it has been featured many times on TV, in newspapers, magazines and on social media. The rave is true. Citang’s in Sta Isabel Malolos City is by far the best place to go if you want to understand Maloleño’s love affair with goto, LTB (lugaw tokwa’t baboy) and kakanin.

Our porridge game is strong. It seems like a simple dish to brag about, but to be honest, I have yet to find goto and LTB (lugaw, tokwa’t baboy) that is as good as the ones that we have in Malolos.

Growing up, I remember eating LTB every afternoon after school. Grade school to college, LTB and goto were something to look forward to. As far as I remember, this is where teenagers actually go to before. Don’t forget to order some lumpiang toge, dip it or allow to soak in soy vinegar sauce.

It ain’t no Starbucks, I know, but it was the ultimate comfort food to have after school. This may be one of the reasons why I really find satisfaction in affordable and comforting local eateries. It’s a humble dining experience but boy does it aim for your probinsyano heart.

Malolos Goto is porridge made of  beef innards and glutinous rice that have continuously been simmered until every grain softens and bursts.

The use of glutinous rice provides a thick texture to the oniony and gingery soup. When in Citang’s, be extra with your goto, order their lechon kawali and tokwa as a side dish. Putong puti and kutchinta are both good with goto, too. It’s the ultimate OG Maloleño foodie experience.

Putong puti at itlog na maalat, bite sized kutchinta and sapin sapin.

The spread on their counter will make all your kakanin dreams come true.

Citang’s Kalamay spreads on their counter. A true feast for your probinsyano eyes.

There are also other Bulacan products and produce to find: macapuno, Calumpit longganisa, sukang Paombong, peanuts, crab paste among others. Some fresh produce are also available like saging na saba, mangoes, pomelo and fruits that are in season.

There’s also dinuguan and puto as well as chicken and beef mami that deserve a separate post. If you are ever planning a trip to Malolos, I encourage you to try as many food as you can in Citang’s. You may need atleast 3 visits though if you wish to try everything they have to offer. It’s the most authentic Maloleño experience and the sweetest probinsyano foodie dream come true.

Citang’s is located beside Sta. Isabel Church, a church that looks like Barasoain Church. From Manila, you can take the Trinoma – Robinson’s Malolos P2P Bus. Alight from Robinson’s Malolos and take the 10-minute tricycle ride to Citang’s. Connect with them on facebook and instagram. Come early as food sells out fast. Store opens as early as 6am.

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