Sinigang na Tinapa at Hipon sa Mangga

Sinigang na Tinapa at Hipon sa Mangga

Not all recipe books and sites are good. I only trust a few of them. One of my favorite recipe book is Chef Gene Gonzalez’s Little Books. This sinigang is inspired by his Little Sabaw Book and it is absolutely divine.

When mangoes are cheap, this dish is the first thing on my mind. Very Pinoy and very delicious, I encourage you to try. His recipe uses tinapa only, but I like mixing fish and shrimp in my sinigang for that extra oomph. Happy Monday, guys! Let’s be extra!

2 Green Mangoes peeled and sliced into strips
2 Tomatoes quartered
2 white onion
thumb sized ginger sliced or crushed
2 Tinapang Galunggong (fillet and remove head optional)
1/2 kl Shrimp
2 finger chillis
Fish sauce to taste
Gabi, peeled
labanos,peeled and sliced
Mustard leaves

Boil sliced green mangoes, include it’s seed. Remove the seed after boiling for 5 min. Then add ginger, tomatoes and onion. Bring to boil and allow the aromatics flavor the soup. Gabi and labanos next. When the gabi and labanos are cooked, add tinapa and shrimp. Season with fish sauce.
The finger chillis and mustard leaves are the last ingredients to add before turning off the heat. 

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