The Titas of Manila Guide to Food Crawl

The Titas of Manila Guide to Food Crawl

Bago kami naging wholesome, nagparty din kami noon like there’s no tomorrow… nag roadtrip, nag foodtrip, at naglasing. As a tita, I refuse to say walwal,  instead I would like to use the word “hammered”.  Nadagdagan lang ang edad,  kasabay ng limpak limpak na bills na kailangan bayaran. Kaya ayan, nagmukha kaming responsableng mamamayan. 

Sa dami ng chismis, nalasing kami kakatawa… Mahirap gawin sa buffet ang ganitong chismisan. Baka di mo masulit ang buffet kakachika or di mo masulit ang chismis, kakalafang. Wag na din sa bahay, hagardo versoza ang host before, during and after the get together. Doon tayo lagi sa neutral territory. Find hours to spend with your kapwa titos and titas this coming holiday season and try a food crawl with them. Hindi lang pang foodies at bloggers ang food crawl. Ito na ang ultimate set up para magchickahan marathon. 

Paglilinaw, hindi eating contest ang food crawl.  The goal is to actually survive until the last stop with enough space for a few more bites. Order ka lang hija ng best sa isang resto, have a few bites or so and make sure to save some space for the next stop. Less bites, more chika. A food crawl allows you to eat and drink leisurely, indulge in all the chismis, walk for a bit, and then go back to eating, drinking, talking and walking again. Natest namin to last Saturday sa Calle Bistro sa Ever Gotesco Commonwealth QC and here’s a sample food crawl plan. The pictures shown are the food I liked the most during the food crawl:

First Stop: Cocktails and/or Coffee for Brunch Not too early and not too late… we titas, know brunch is always a good time. We found this nice restaurant serving cocktails, coffee and wine.

Elm’s Kapihan & Winery serves cocktails & coffee. They also have Wine All You Can for P399.

Second Stop: La Merienda  We’re no Queen of England, but we Tita’s also like our afternoon hanash done in style. Enjoy a cold treat with your hot chismis. 

Blue Raspberry Bingsu
by Cook the Bread
Milk Tea and Kurobota Sausage by
Macao Imperial Tea

Third Stop: Go for a Hearty Dinner We had our fair share of student value meals and fast food fix, that by now,  we understand and appreciate the comfort brought by really good meals. 

Sinigang na Baka sa Ube at Pakwan by IMA Kitchen
Pritong Itik by Elm’s Kapihan and Winery 
Honey Lemon Chicken by Hap Chan
Adobo Connection
Crispy Pata by Gerry’s Restaurant

Fourth Stop: Night Cap We may be older than you, but real titas refuse to be boring. Coffee or beer, it doesn’t matter. Any drink get’s better with chismis. And while you’re at it, how about some tusok tusok platter to remind you of your college days. 

Tusok Tusok Platter by Sisig Society
Me, Harold and Mayen at the PUB Express… friends since college. 20 years later… and we still need beer. 

Lastly, Tita like a pro. Do your homework and make sure the location is accessible for everyone and there’s enough parking space. Know the operating hours and most importantly choose a place where there’s a lot of food choices to explore like Calle Bistro. If you want to know more about our Calle Bistro food crawl, click here.

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