Three Egg Omelette

Three Egg Omelette

We know of three cheese pizza and sandwiches, but have you had a three-egg omelette? 

This is another interesting thing to make with eggs. It’s easy and it is very tasty. Some people use century egg, but since I am not a fan of century eggs, I use pickled turmeric eggs instead. It adds the tastiest contrast to this omelette as it also has smoked fish and tomatoes. 

This is a nice thing to make for breakfast, weekdays or weekends. V is a fan of this omelette. I am too. It’s quick, it’s good and it’s cheap. 


4 chicken eggs, scrambled

1 pickled turmeric egg, diced

1 salted egg diced

cooked tinapa flakes

1 tomato chopped

2 tbsps of chives

salt and pepper to taste


Pour scrambled eggs in a pan.

Before the eggs is completely cooked, top with turmeric egg, salted egg, tomato, chives, tinapa flakes, salt and pepper.

Fold. Make sure the scrambled egg is cooked.

Serve with rice or bread

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